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Women have it hard enough as it is. Never mind society’s expectations of us (that’s a long laundry list we don’t have time to go into here), or the high standards we set for ourselves … hitting the midlife years can feel like a rebirth you weren’t ready for.

Here at Gurl U R Not Alone, we’re in this together.

Whether you’re a female entrepreneur, a career-long professional or just a part of the over 40 Black girl (excuse us, women) magic crew, Gurl U R Not Alone is a safe space for you to get the support, tools and information you need to battle the breakdowns, get to the breakthroughs and live your most fabulous life ever. Ready to do exactly that? Hit the button below to learn more.

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While you may not be able to avoid hot flashes completely, there are ways to reduce those sudden temperature surges without having to stick your head in the freezer. Here are five of our best tips to turn down the heat a notch.

Tonya Evans and Abbie Samuels

How can we accept change and the uncertainties that come with it in midlife? Here are some of tips to help you out in your journey.

Tonya Evana and Abbie Samuel

How do you determine what high-fashion readers look best on you? Here are some tips on how to choose frames based on your face shape.

Abbie Samuel with a pair of glasses

When you’ve hit the midlife, you might not recognize the body you’re in, especially if you’re looking at your arms and legs. You see, one of the most common issues affecting women over 40 is varicose veins. If you have them, know this … you are not alone.

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