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4 Tips to Setting Powerful Intentions

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Intention is a mental state that signifies the commitment to fulfill an action or actions in the future, this includes perceptual thinking and activities such as anticipation and planning.

When you decide to do or start something, it always begins with an intention. What do I get from accomplishing this? Where does this put me? Does this affect my goals, my well-being?

Therefore, asserting your intentions daily or for the days to come allows you to live a life that is more focused and purposeful. Setting these intentions also helps you train your mind to cancel out the noise in your brain and center your attention in achieving your visions and goals.

Change your Life with Powerful Intentions

People sometimes end up not achieving the greatest things in life because they are not convinced they can even before doing it. And with everything that is going on around us, it’s easy for us to be caught up and buried with our emotions, thoughts, and memories. But beyond this chaos, is our full and pure awareness of what is happening around us and knowledge on how to act upon them.

Intentions are more influential and powerful when they come from the right place; serenity, gratitude, and positivity rather than from greed or need.

Eliminate any perceived limitations and uncertainties. Stay centered on your intentions and refuse to be influenced by others’ doubts and criticism.

1. Identify your Reasons To Find Your Purpose.

This is what drives every one of us. What drives our intentions and actions.

Everybody has a why, do you know yours? Unlike animals who are determined to survive, we humans believe that there is more to life than survival. We crave fulfillment and tend to ask questions to ourselves, why am I doing this? For what sake?

Find your whys and set your intentions.

2. How to Set an Intention

Take time to sit down Sunday evening or Monday morning and think about what the new week has in store for you. You can write a few quick priorities on a whiteboard or put together a to-do-list in your planner. There are so many apps out there that can help you manage your calendar and tasks, too, such as Plan or Asana.

You can also meditate as this aids train our minds’ attention and restful awareness, ultimately, bringing us to a mentally and emotionally clear and stable state. This centered and mindful state is the ideal time to plant the seed of your intentions as you are beyond your ego-mind and more conscious of yourself and others.

It’s important to set your goals realistic and remember to give yourself some grace, too.

3. Keeping Yourself Accountable

You are responsible for your choices and actions.

Holding yourself accountable allows you to take responsibility for how your life progresses. It also gives you the opportunity to change and improve. 

Remained centered in a state of restful awareness. Be mindful and observant of yourself. Record and monitor your development, and evaluate and make corrections. Whether it be in your intentions, plans, or actions.

4. Putting it to Practice

Behave according to your intentions and take actions every day towards your goals. But don’t get too caught up with the result.

Detach from the outcome and let the Universe handle the details. Because the outcome that you forcefully create may not be as great as the one that comes naturally. Believe in the power of your true self.

Allow opportunities to come your way.

Everything is in place and will be alright, even without the knowledge of the timing and details of what will happen.

So release your most powerful intentions and let it manifest.

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