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Episode 12: Protect Your Wealth -What You Need to Know About Money

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“All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten,” by Robery Fulghum, it is such a classic and a best selling book. The author makes a compelling argument for the thorough overview on life that we learn in that very first piece of school.

Sadly that’s often how we treat money and managing wealth.  There are habits, challenges and things we’ve watched our parents or other people do and those became our money habits. Like old folk lore we took on a fear about having too much because it was the root of all evil. 

Others of us watched money used as a way to control. Maybe it was your mother who controlled the pocket book for your dad. Or we witnessed the irresponsible use of credit or saw first hand what lack of money meant. 

It’s never too late to create a new money story. This week on the Gurl U R Not Alone Podcast, my co-host and I learned the top five things that women over 40 need to consider when managing their money and learn some eye opening facts about estate planning that women ignore from special guest, Jennifer Gomez, Esq. Click here to reach out to Jennifer and access some free resources to help you begin your estate plan. 

Here are some other resources to get your started on the road to being a money management boss:

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Tell us girls…what’s your money story? 


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