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Three Tips to Making a Midlife Career Transition

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by Tonya Seavers Evans

I remember studying research and focus group data on the concept of the emergent worker – it was a study about the work habits of GenXers and what they were looking for in companies and careers. Many organizations were concerned that they couldn’t commit to one company for too long and didn’t have the work habits to. 

We GenXers eventually settled in. Well, here we are again.

Many of us spent years building successful careers and businesses not to mention families. We developed mad skills, were selected to lead and reached positions well beyond the corner office. Midlife didn’t change your desire to continue to evolve, learn new skills and have more personal and professional achievements. In addition, midlifers now have a new definition of success that is driven by intrinsic motivations. We set goals that are less about external pressures and more about personal challenges.

But a career transition during midlife can be tricky. Here are three things to think about making a career change: 

  1. Try on the career first. If you are thinking about going into an entirely new industry, try the new career out first by taking on a part-time or freelance project. 
  2. Get the education that you need. Enroll in online courses and invest in a certification or any necessary training.
  3. Speed date. Set up some appointments with people in your network who are already doing what you want to do, to get an inside scoop on the pros and cons of your career of interest.

For more tips on making a career transition in midlife and why the time is now, listen to this podcast episode of Gurl U R Not Alone.

Tonya Seavers Evans is a South Florida based blogger and influencer. She’s also an active wife, GenX mom and life coach sharing lifestyle inspiration for women over 40. Follow her on instagram here.