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5 Essential Tips About Midlife Love Relationships

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Let’s admit it, nobody wants to be alone, and at some point in your life, you crave to share your life with someone. But after all these years focusing on building your career and wealth, how exactly do you do it?

Well, we have tips from the matchmaker herself, Julie Wadley which will help you understand more about love, and with that, yourself.

1. It takes Skill to Have and Maintain Love

As Julie said, “Love is the most underrated life goal.” We often think or society made us believe that love will just magically come to us. And when it does, everything will fall into place, but that is not the case. If you want to find love, you have to put in some effort; you can’t just wait for it. You have to work on yourself; you have to go out there! Just like going to school or working – we prepare, study, and train to graduate as a student and to succeed in life, later on – that is the same mindset and skills needed to have and maintain love.

2. Self-Mastery, Understand Who you Are

It’s important you understand yourself first; where you come from, what triggers you, what your trauma is, what are the things you need to work on yourself so you will not be passing these negativities and punishing people for what you’ve been to, and what are your standards. This skill will help you know and bring the right people into your life and maintain a healthy relationship.

3. Love is Not Just One Piece of your Life

You have to understand that love is a combination of what you have in life. The way you handle your finances, the way you deal with your parents, how you deal with people. All of these skills matter because these are relationship skills and it affects everything.

4. Figure Out if you Are Ready to Share your Life and Space

Where are you right now? Everybody is not in the same place even though you all have the same goal. Forget about what you want, are you truly ready to meet the person you need? The one you will build beautiful things together? Keep in mind that the person you want may not be the person you need. After all, it’s not about them proving themselves to you, but rather, you two connecting and fitting in each other stories.

5. Therapy May be a Great Option

And sometimes a necessary option especially if you are having a hard time opening up to your vulnerability, coming through the pain, if you live with so much negativity in relationships.