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Celebrating Women’s History Month with a “Pop”

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For the longest time, the women before us worked above and beyond their call of duty but still didn’t get the praise and recognition that they deserve. And so we think it is about time that we become a champion of women.

Amplify Our Voices

It’s the end of an era where we shy away from who we are, and just wait to move up or be recognized. We are great in our way, and we have to be loud and proud about that. Toot our own horn! We need to be better and more vocal about our achievements and to take credit for ourselves. Encourage and boost others as well as this will help them amplify their voices, too!

Be a Boss Babe

Each generation of black women just gets stronger and powerful. The things we can do now compared to the things they can’t even imagine doing. We can build our own empire and create the life that we want. We have so many opportunities right now, opened doors because of the women before us. Celebrate them and us by being confident with ourselves.

Appreciate Each Other

Especially during this pandemic that it seems women are taking a lot of bulks, from working to handling kid’s homeschooling to managing an entire household. We often check on our children, our partners, but no one is doing so for us! The pressure on us is just great, and let’s do something for each other, let’s have each other’s back, and be that friend that checks on others.

Have a Collaboration

The media has a strong role in making us look like that we, strong women, are always going at each other, but that is not the case. We can be in the same room and share ideas without the feel of some sort of competition. We can all succeed together. So don’t be afraid to team up with other women, to support and lift each other. The more we share, the better for all of us!

This Women’s History Month, let’s take the opportunity and time to show your appreciation and say thank you; give someone a shout-out and recognition that she deserves!