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7 Lessons of Strength for Women of Color: Meghan and Prince Harry’s Oprah Interview

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Prince Harry’s and Meghan’s interview with Oprah about racism, mental health, media, and other members of the Royal family sent shockwaves around the globe. But amidst the salaciousness and spectacle, there are real lessons to take away especially for the women of color.

Don’t Let Anyone Put You in the Corner

Have the resolution to define who you are no matter who are you with or what position you are in. And always have your voice to speak up about what you think and feel.

I’m Going to Prepare Myself

Take the initiative and don’t wait for permission or for someone to train you for the role because you are fully capable of doing it. Put your best feet forward, invest and bet on yourself. If people will help you, thank you, but if they won’t, still thank them. You can prepare and guide yourself through all the processes and come out victorious.

People Will Set You Up to Fail

But true Queens always rise to the top no matter what others do to them. You are bold and bright and whatever situation they put you in, you are going to shine. There will always be someone who is intimidated, who is threatened by you, people who will hate you and your success, but don’t fall for their ways because you are more than all of them.

Don’t Dim Your Light

Just because you are a strong and self-assured woman, and people feel that you are too good for the role that you have to tone it down a little for them. No. If someone tells you that, that is a red flag. Your light is making them feel small so go get into a bigger room with people that will embrace all that you are.

When You Know Better, You Are Gonna Do Better

Colorism and racism exist even amongst us. That is the reality. Some people are just ignorant or being naïve to being racist but some people are just plain evil. Go out there, expose and immerse yourself to different races and faces, and know what is life out there and about.

Pivot and Start Over

Don’t be afraid to take a step back and change the route to have a better result. No matter what stage are you right now, know that you can still pivot and change your life. When it gets to breaking point, seek help and support, and most importantly, choose yourself.

Be an Advocate for Yourself and Loved Ones

You are half of each so be the greatest advocate of each other. There will be times when you will be tested, asked to choose when you have to say no, but always remember that you are partners and it’s more important than any legacy to got and support each other’s back.

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