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6 Ways to Stay Fit and Fabulous in Your 40s

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Whether your half-time show is just starting or it’s well underway, one of the keys to looking – and feeling – fabulous is fitness. 

Sure, you may not have the same body as you did when you were younger, but it’s still as beautiful as ever. And while no one can turn back the clock, fitness works wonders to help you stay energetic and vibrant year after year.

Here are our favorite tips for getting fit so you can feel your absolute best:

Tip #1: Make it Social

Working out with other fabulous women is one of the best ways to stay fit. Together, you can cheer each other on. Studies show we’re more likely to hit our goals when other people are depending on us, so inviting a friend to join your next sweat fest is a great strategy to get moving – and have fun doing it.  

Tip #2: Take a Walk

Walking is a powerful way to boost your physical and mental health. It not only relieves stress, but it gets your blood flowing, aids digestion and increases your metabolism.

Make it a habit to take a short walk after every meal. The thing about our 40s is that digestion starts to slow down, so even just a quick 10-minute walk can be beneficial. You’ll hit your step count, get a breather and improve your health to boot.

Tip #3: Don’t Compare Yourself

One of the easiest “traps” to fall into is comparing what you used to do in your 20s and 30s with what you’re able to do now. Here’s the thing … your body is continually changing. And that’s just a part of nature. 

Instead of making comparisons, set fitness goals that aren’t focused on numbers – such as having to hit 10,000 steps a day – and work at establishing benchmarks based on how you feel.

Tip #4: Get Strong

As we age, our muscle mass begins to decrease over time. To keep that fabulous body nice and strong, strength training is important. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping your bones stay strong as well.

Practice picking up a few weights a few times a week. Go slow and listen to your body. Over time, you’ll begin to feel a difference in your strength. 

Tip #5: Stretch Your Muscles

Have you ever dropped something on the floor and felt your back or knees crack when you bent down to pick it up? That’s a sign your flexibility may need a bit of work.

As we get older, our muscles get stiffer so it’s up to us to gently coax them into being more agile. You don’t have to adopt a routine worthy of an Olympian, but spending 5 minutes every morning to stretch out your calves, arms, hips and back can loosen you up AND energize you for the rest of the day.

Tip #6: Listen to Your Body

It can be tempting to want to go “harder” when exercising, but the most important thing you can do is listen to your body. Yes, pushing yourself is part of getting fit but one of the best things about being at half-time is that we’re more prone to listen to ourselves instead of society. Remember this: Your body knows what’s best.

Finally, whatever you decide to do, make it a habit. Even just a few minutes of movement a day can make a big difference in the way you feel. 

And remember, there are plenty of women out there in their 40s and beyond (we see you Halle Berry and J.Lo) who are building their best bodies during this decade.

So, no matter what, be gentle with yourself, give yourself grace and keep at it.