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Thicker, Fuller Hair After 40 Is Possible

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FACT: Gray, thinning and shedding hair is a natural part of aging. Whether it stems from stress, menopause or unhealthy styling habits you picked up when you were in your 20s and 30s, the fact remains that your hair can decide to have its own midlife crisis. 

Now, while there’s nothing wrong with aging (or the sudden hair changes that come along with it), many women find themselves looking for ways to revive their hair. Thankfully, there are ways to turn back the clock on your lustrous locks.

Tip #1: Add Some Color

Are graying tresses making you feel less than fabulous? If so, don’t fret. Now, if we’re being honest, gray hair doesn’t represent age. To us, it says wisdom, security and confidence. 

Now, one of the first changes many women see when they hit half-time is the appearance of silvery strands, so we understand if you’re not into rocking your gray (just yet). You can color your roots, add some highlights/lowlights 

Tip #2: Go Easy on the Styling

Those tight braids, extensions and super-high ponytails you rocked 20 years ago could be the cause of your hair problems today. You see, your scalp is sensitive and prone to damage over time, so things like excessive stretching and brushing can damage hair follicles. 

But, you can get your hair back on track by cutting back on the traumatic styling such as high-heat silk presses and opt for more natural styles that don’t require too much pulling and brushing. 

Tip #3: Give Your Locks Some Much-Needed Luster

Who doesn’t want their locks to look like they belong in the latest shampoo commercial? The main reason your hair loses its shine is usually due to heat-related damage from styling tools. So, tuck away your blow dryers and curling irons for a bit.

Hair oils can give your locks a quick dose of sunshine, if you need a fix ASAP. You can also try eating more protein and adding more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet like fish or fish oil supplements. 

Tip #4: Get to the Root of Hair Growth

Fact: Your hair growth rate slows when you hit midlife, meaning it spends more time resting. While that may be on the agenda for this part of your life, your hair doesn’t have to follow those same rules.

OTC treatments such as minoxidil can send your roots a message about staying in the growth phase longer, as can some vitamins and mineral supplements. Our tip? Do your due diligence and research on which route is best for you. Also, know that when ramping up hair growth, it can take a few months before you see results.

Tip #5: Power Up Those Hair Follicles 

If you’ve started to tussle with your tresses more than usual, you aren’t alone. As you age, the cells that protect your hair’s outer cuticle start to weaken, so they don’t snap back like they used to which can lead to breakage.

The good news is you can strengthen your strands with a good ol’ protein treatment. Incorporating more protein-rich foods into your daily diet can also make a difference. 

Whatever you do, know that good nutrition plays a huge part in how your locks look. Stick to a rich, versatile diet that includes leafy greens, protein and omega-3 fatty acids to help restore your hair back to its former glory. 

Oh, and gurl – before you go and implement some of these suggestions, here’s the most important tip to keep in mind: 

You are beautiful exactly as you are – changes and all. Now is the time to embrace those changes and above all, don’t stress (it’s the #1 reason those of us who reach the half-time start losing points).