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Embracing Change in Midlife

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Change is beautiful.

It allows us to open so many doors and grow, it lets us experience different and exciting things, and it evokes all sorts of emotions.

But it also puts us in new and, sometimes, intimidating, and difficult situations.

When we are so accustomed to the settings in our life – the job, the people around us, the routine – it is harder for us to gracefully embrace changes. And in midlife, with 20, 30, or 40 years of being together with your family and friends, in a well-accustomed position, and doing certain things repeatedly, it is even tougher to move forward.

So, how can we accept change and the uncertainties that come with it in midlife? Here are some tips to help you out in your journey.

Let the feelings flow

Change can bring so many emotions from us, from finally letting go of something or someone valuable to facing the unknown. It can be overwhelming, terrifying, and even agonizing. But the key here is to accept and acknowledge all these sentiments. What you are experiencing and feeling right now is completely normal and valid.

Own your time

Time is precious for everyone, and so we must be mindful of how we spend it. When we are in the process of shifting, we get excessively absorbed and forget about other equally significant things. And in the end, aside from burning out, we blame and resent the changes we chose and did.

Identify the changes

We know it’s better an ‘oopsie’ than a ‘what if’. But it is essential that we identify first if the change we are about to tackle head-on is something we want and not something society puts and forces upon us. Is it aligned with your goals, your values, and your growth?

Forgive the past

What made you think of changing in the first place? There is always a reason behind our actions, and whatever it is, learn from it, forgive a situation or someone and move forward. You can only truly move forward if you willingly loosen your grip on the past.

You are never too old for change

Change, in general, is difficult, but it is even harder for people in midlife because society makes us think that we are too old for this. But the truth is, no one is too old to change. You are not too old to pursue your passion, shift careers, break from single life to family life, and just be who and where you want to be.


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