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Tips for Coping with Menopause

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We often feel embarrassed to talk about our struggles as midlife women, let alone sensitive topics like menopause.

But menopause is a natural part of growing. It is as natural as women getting their period or getting pregnant and as normal as boys developing a deeper voice. And no, it is not just about getting old; it is not just about the end of the menstrual cycle and the mood swings. It is far more than these things.

People are quick to assume, but menopause is far more than these expectations. When a woman enters this phase, her ovaries no longer release eggs which can lead to a lot of changes and health risks.

Hot flashes, insomnia, emotional changes, vaginal dryness, weight gain, and depression are a few of the symptoms women experienced during menopause. They can be so difficult that they can affect and disrupt one’s life.

Good thing, as much as we, women, accept our fate, we don’t have to endure the unpleasantness brought upon menopause. And here’s how.

Eat Properly

Hormonal changes can cause hot flashes, insomnia, and bones to weaken, and certain food can trigger these symptoms like spicy food, alcohol, and fatty food. While some can reduce these signs such as dairy products, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, quality protein, and phytoestrogen-containing food.  That’s why it’s essential that you know what your body demands and provide the adequate amount you need.


Declining estrogen levels, poor diet, and lack of exercise can make women experience weight gain during menopause. By keeping your body moving and active, you slow down the loss of muscle mass, lower the risk of fractures and osteoporosis, and stave off weight gain. Alleviate yourself from the symptoms and also improve your quality of life. Go hit the gym, enroll in a dance class, or join a yoga group.

Have a Good Team

From your girlfriends who you can share with and vent out your experiences to professionals who can assist you. Menopause is tough to deal with on your own. It’s good to find some sort of solace, support, and advice from people who can relate to you like your sister, friend, nutritionist, gynecologist, therapist, doctor, and the like. Don’t be embarrassed to disclose your struggles and ask for help.

Maintain a Positive Mindset

Aside from the physical and intolerable changes, women have to deal with their wavering emotions and mental health, as well. Low estrogen levels can cause ever-famous mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and even depression. Your thoughts have power, and your attitude towards menopause can affect your experience. It is crucial that we learn to acknowledge and embrace the transition and all the changes that come with it as early as possible. Being mindful, focusing on the positives, and practicing self-care, while won’t fully stop the menopause symptoms, can make your journey less difficult.

Remember that your body carried you to this stage, appreciate and love it the way it deserves with all the changes and challenges.


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