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Smart Money Moves for Women Over 40

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We’ve talked about money, money, money, and how to manage it in our podcasts and blogs. But this time, we will get more personal – raw and real.

Smart money moves that are not about the actual bills but our beliefs and choices that influence our money story and golden years.

The steps we need to take for financial stability.

Character is important

There’s nothing wrong with being a strong and independent woman who can afford the luxury of life or who can do anything she wants. There’s nothing wrong with not lowering your standards. And there’s nothing wrong with earning more than your partner or soon-to-be lifetime partner. But if you are in the stage of looking for love or in a relationship and you happen to be the more successful one, don’t throw your man just because he cannot afford your lifestyle.

Remember that more than the tangible things he could give to you, his character, integrity, faithfulness, and love and support he can offer is more meaningful. Yes, love can’t pay the bills, but it is even harder to find men who truly have your back. And who knows, maybe he just needs some reinforcement, too, in his work and business.


It’s alright to have expectations but don’t put it on someone else unless you talked and settled about it. Come into an agreement about your finances. Being honest on what you can both bring to the table not only avoids misunderstandings but also helps you solve future problems and further build your careers.

It is also wise to educate your children and have an open discussion about money. Instill in their young minds how to appropriately handle finances.

Continue to Treat Yourself

If you can afford it and you still have more left, by all means, buy that Louboutin or LV!

Managing your money cleverly is not just about investing and saving and the like. You can all do these and still treat yourself. You deserve it, after all. And rewarding yourself is also a great way to boost your motivation, self-control, happiness, reduce stress, and promote health and well-being.

Builld a Rainy-day Fund for Yourself

Especially for stay-at-home women. Being a mom and a wife is work. And just like any work, it requires a paycheck. Gone are the days of a simple thank you or pat in the back or a date night will suffice for your hard work. Also, demand to have your name in every account and asset. This is not a matter of trust, but should something happen, you are assured that you are taken care of. And as much as we want our marriage to last, sometimes, fate has other decisions for us, and if this goes down, you still have something that can help you get back on your feet.


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