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6 Ways to Instantly Look Younger Using Just Makeup Alone

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Aging is a beautiful thing contrary to what the media may have you believe, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to look your age.

If having people second guess your age and mistake you for being someone’s sister is more your prerogative, you don’t need to rely on surgery to look younger. In fact, you can count on a few handy makeup tricks to do it for you.

Here are 6 makeup tips to help you look younger:

Tip #1: Brighten Your Eyes

And no, we don’t mean putting concealer under the eyes, though that certainly helps. Bottom line: A quick way to instantly make you look as if your skin had a cup of coffee is to brighten your inner corners. Add concealer to the inner corners of your eyes to lessen the look of discoloration and then add a pop of white eyeshadow to bring more light to the area.

Tip #2: Avoid Harsh Contours

While contouring can give you the look of a sharper, more angled face, the harshness of dark contouring can often make you look more mature than you want. Instead, contour with softer, lighter shades or even blush or bronzer to add some youthful rosiness to your face.

Tip #3: Leave the Powder at Home

Powder is powerful. It can smooth and mattify so you don’t look oily, but powder naturally makes the skin look dryer. The dryer your skin looks, the more fine lines become apparent. Now, if you’re aiming to look younger, then use translucent powder sparingly and only on your oily areas.

Tip #4: Go Light on Your Eyebrows

To look younger, be light with how you fill in your eyebrows. Harsh, aggressive lines can age you. Instead, fill in gaps lightly with a pencil or simply shape your eyebrows with wax. The more natural looking, the younger you’ll appear.

Tip #5: Get Luscious Lashes

There’s something about long, luscious lashes that instantly make you more youthful. Focus on ensuring your eyelashes are as curled as possible and layer on several coats of lengthening mascara.

Tip #6: Go for Peach Blush Instead of Pink

Blush is our go-to favorite for bringing life to your skin, but the wrong color can make you look older or worse, like a clown. Pinks can be tough, so we recommend shades in the peach and coral family depending on your skin tone as they are flattering, natural and warm up the skin gently.


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