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3 Success Strategies to Finding Your Target Audience

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Entrepreneurship can feel incredibly freeing. As your own boss, you call the shots from setting your hours to the type of work you take on to the amount you charge.

But starting out as an entrepreneur can also be tough, especially when you’re figuring out what you can sell and who you can sell it to.

Truth is, there are so many important parts about your offer, from the messaging to the presentation. But none of these matter if you’re talking about your offer to the wrong people.

You see, one of the marketing world’s most famous adages is “if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.”

That’s why it’s important to dial in on your audience and find out who your ideal clients are to truly grow your business. Here are 3 strategies to help you identify your best customers:

Success Strategy #1: Do Your Market Research

It’s not enough to have an idea for a product or offer; it has to be something the world needs. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel, but it does mean you need to position yourself differently from the competition.

The first step is to research your intended market and find the gaps. Look at your industry. Who’s doing what? If you’re a product-based business, take a look at negative reviews for similar products. What are the most common customer complaints? This is the “golden opportunity” to target, then market to that niche or segment.

Go into detective mode and find out what people are doing, watching, buying (and why) and begin to compile what’s called a “buyer persona.” Consider this a profile of your ideal client. Ask yourself if your product or offer solves the buyer’s pain points.

Success Strategy #2: Talk to Your Existing Customers

If you’ve already started selling your offer, don’t be afraid to engage with your current customers. Is there anyone you’ve worked with before that might be the perfect match for your offer? If so, see if you can get some face time with them.

Whether it’s a survey in exchange for a gift card or a quick 15-minute call, talking to the customers who have purchased from you is the best way to gain key insights into your audience.

Ask customers what made them purchase from you. Why did they choose you over a competitor? What objections did they have about purchasing or working with you? What made them say, “Hell yes!”? Dig in deep.

Success Strategy #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Keep Testing

As you continue to grow in your entrepreneurial journey, things will change. Your ideal clients and audience may shift. Some offers may be successful while others won’t be. The thing about entrepreneurship is that it’s scary.

But if you are willing to do it scared, you can always make improvements moving forward. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s working and what isn’t. And don’t be afraid to start all over again. This is your life and your business.


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