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10 Healthy Habits for Women Over 40

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Staying fit and fabulous in your 40s is entirely possible. And there’s no need to “diet” or look for the next best “supplement” to make the most of this amazing time. In fact, looking and feeling your absolute best at 40 and beyond starts with a handful of healthy habits.

Here are our 10 picks to help you live fabulously ever after:

Habit #1: Stay up-to-date with your medical appointments.

Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check in with your doctors. Get your annual physical and other regular checkups including mammograms, gynecological exams, skin cancer screenings and more.

Habit #2: Wear sunglasses.

Your eyes get more vulnerable to damage from harmful UV rays as you age, so why not protect them in style? Never leave the house without a pair of shades – even if it’s cloudy outside.

Habit #3: Eat the rainbow.

Get your antioxidant fix and other vital nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables of different colors on the daily.

Habit #4: Pencil in your sleep.

Set a specific bedtime and stick to it – weekends included – to allow your body and mind to rest and function optimally.

Habit #5: Meditate.

We all live such busy lives that it can be hard to take the time to clear your mind and think about nothing. Meditation makes this easier. Schedule time to meditate every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.

Habit #6: Avoid high-intensity workouts.

As you enter the half-time, high-intensity workouts can be tough on your joints. Scale back on these activities to give your body a bit of a break.

Habit #7: Stay in touch with your besties.

Nurturing quality relationships and connecting with loved ones can slip by the wayside as you get older, but there’s nothing like catching up with old friends. Whether it’s a text or email, make it a habit to check in with someone you care about daily.

Habit #8: Walk.

Walking has so many mental and physical benefits, plus it’s FREE. If you can, walk for 20 minutes a day to burn off extra stress and keep your heart healthy.

Habit #9: Schedule “me” time.

As women, it often falls on us to take care of and prioritize others. Pour into your own cup and schedule non-negotiable “you” time every day.

Habit #10: Check your posture.

Give yourself a confidence boost (plus back and neck relief) by standing or sitting up as tall as you can. You’ll look and feel better.

These are just a few habits you can start incorporating into your life. Start with one or two until they become automatic before trying to do them all.


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