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4 Gen X Fashion Trends You Should Follow Right Now

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Have you noticed how so much of what’s trendy and fashionable right now is what was trendy and fashionable when we were growing up in the 90s?

Bottom line: If you’ve been searching for some ways to upgrade your fashion sense, you might not have to look any further than the back of your closet. Here are four new but old to us fashion trends you can hop on right now:

Trend #1: Combat Boots

Relive the early 90’s grunge scene with combat boots, perfect for the upcoming fall season. They can be dressed up and paired with a skirt or slacks. Or, dress down and go casual by tucking your jeans into boots, pairing them with a leather jacket.

Trend #2: Flannel & Oversized Shirts

Similar to combat boots, the grunge-y “flannel” scene is back and more popular than ever. Even if the lumberjack look isn’t your thing, you can still tap into this trend by pulling out your favorite oversized shirts. To stay stylish, try oversized on top and fitted jeans or leggings on the bottom.

Trend #3: Bucket Hats

We don’t think these have ever gone out of style, but with paparazzi photos of Rihanna in this signature style floating around, bucket hats are more popular than ever. Keep it casual and rock a bucket hat at a late summer picnic or while running errands at your local store.

Trend #4: Mix and Match

So much of today’s fashion rejects the notions of what fashion should be, just like back in the 80s and 90s.

Relive the decade and still look fabulous by mixing textures, styles and formal/informal wear – a power suit with sneakers, dress shoes with jeans and even sweatsuits and heels.


Whatever the current fashion trend, you’re still as stylish as ever. Dress like your most fabulous mid-life self with more tips and videos when you subscribe to the Gurl U R Not Alone YouTube Channel.