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Four Secrets to Manifesting a Successful Business

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Four Secrets to Manifesting a Successful Business

When it comes to starting a business, it’s important to have the right strategy, execute it properly and be consistent if you want to find success.

But as an entrepreneur, you need more than proven tactics to ensure that your business thrives. You need to BELIEVE you can do it.

In fact, belief is the core principle for manifesting a successful business. But you may be wondering, exactly how do you manifest success? How does it work?

We break it down for you here:

Tip #1: Get Clear

Success is a broad term that can have multiple definitions depending on which entrepreneur you ask. Take some time and get very clear on what it is you want – and more importantly, why.

Be sure your “success” goal is something that you desire and not an expectation set by society for maximum manifestation benefits.

Tip #2: Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Every entrepreneur has goals, but with those come limiting beliefs as well. Manifestation only works if you’re aware of what thoughts come up that prevent you from believing what you want is possible.

Write out your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and reframe them into positive affirmations. Start small to make them feel more believable.

Tip #3: Stop Worrying About the How

This may sound counterintuitive, but the magic of manifestation is that you let the universe worry about how it’ll come to fruition, not you. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t take action (we’ll talk about that in the next step) but it does mean that your focus should be solely on what it feels like to achieve your goal.

Every day, spend 1-2 minutes visualizing how it looks and feels to have accomplished your definition of success. Don’t worry about the how, just focus on the feeling.

Tip #4: Take Action

In the manifestation world, this step is called taking “inspired” action. This can feel a bit woo-woo for those entrepreneurs who are more strategy-driven, but if you can get behind it, it works. Follow your intuition and take an action that’s related to your definition of success.

Again, don’t worry about the how. Just keep taking action, believing that what you want is possible and reframing any negative thoughts as they arise.

Manifesting is simply doing this over and over again until your desire becomes reality. You’ve made impossible things happen as an entrepreneur before. Why not this?


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