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Five Social Media Beauty Hacks for Women Over 40

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Okay, let’s be honest – you are not a part of the social media generation. But you’ve learned a thing or two from hopping on the ‘gram as the millennials call it, Facebook or watching the young ones in your life experiment with TikTok.

Now you’re no stranger to beauty hacks. You’ve got a few up your sleeve, but with the advent of social media, those beauty hacks are no longer just secrets passed down from your ancestors.

In fact, we’ve gathered a few beauty hacks from social media that are perfect for women over 40. Check them out here:

Tip #1: Slugging

For those who suffer from dry skin, slugging can be an effective way to seal in moisture. It’s all about putting a thin layer of Vaseline on as your last skincare step before bed. Dermatologists have noted that while slugging can help your skin maintain water content, it can also contribute to clogged pores if you have oily or acne-prone skin.

Tip #2: Soap Brows

If your eyebrows are unruly, did you know you can use a bar of soap as a makeshift eyebrow wax? Find a clear bar of soap, an eyebrow brush and a bit of water to create fluffy brows that don’t budge.

Tip #3: Sock Curls

Pressed for time or can’t find your curling iron? You can use fuzzy socks to get flowy curls. Apply a styling product and twist your hair in sections around the socks, then secure it with a scrunchie at the end. If your hair is curly, aim for satin socks to prevent frizziness. And voila! Bouncy curls upon waking.

Tip #4: Mouth Contouring

If you love the look of fuller lips but don’t want injections or to overline, you can create the illusion with proper contouring. Find a stick in a shade close to your skin tone and line underneath your bottom lip and the sides of your top. Blend it out, then apply lipstick.

Tip #5: Mascara Grays

If your grays have got you feeling blue, then you have an option for covering your roots that you might not have thought of: mascara! Yup, believe it or not, this everyday makeup must is a great way to hide your grays. Look for a mascara that matches your natural hair color and just lightly swipe them.

Genius, right?


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