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Should You Eat This? 4 Foods to Skip After 40

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Being over 40 is one of the biggest joys of our lives here at Gurl U R Not Alone. But as we get more sophisticated and mature, our eating habits and what our bodies can tolerate evolve, too.

So, are any foods off limits once you hit 40 and beyond? Well, you can always indulge here and there, but our motto is “everything in moderation.”

That said, here are 4 foods you should probably avoid too much of if you want to look and feel your very best:

#1: Processed food

While TV dinners may be a thing of the past, processed food isn’t. If a product’s ingredient list has more than a handful of ingredients (or ingredients you don’t recognize), it’s best to limit yourself. Processed food often contains preservatives, chemicals and dyes that don’t agree with your body.

#2: Coffee

Now, don’t shoot the messenger, but if you love coffee and are over 40, now might be the time to taper off. Coffee can upset your stomach lining, especially if you’re drinking it on a daily basis. Extras like cream, whipped toppings and syrup can also contribute to stomach upset, not to mention unwanted pounds.

Nobody wants that!

#3: Dairy

Did you know our ability to digest dairy changes once we hit our 20’s and beyond? Similar to coffee, dairy can upset your stomach. But did you know it’s found in the most unsuspecting places like bread, boxed foods, soups, treats and more? If you can, limit your consumption of dairy to keep your skin acne-free and your stomach ailment-free, too.

#4: Commercial Meal Replacement Bars

As a busy woman, it’s easy to grab a protein or weight loss bar to curb your cravings when you’re on the go, right? But these aren’t great for women over 40. They often contain a lot of super-processed ingredients that can be difficult to digest. Plus, some are packed with added sugar which can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash not too long after you eat them.

Other foods to avoid include hot dogs, white bread, white pasta, sugary cocktails and even powdered coffee creamer.

It’s OK to indulge once in a while, but if you want to stay and look just as fabulous as you are, steer clear of these foods.


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