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3 Flattering Fall Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

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The long days of summer, flowery dresses and flip-flops are coming to an end and the season of pumpkins, spice and cool days is here.

But, with this change in the weather, it means your fashion sense has to change, too. Luckily, we’ve gathered a few upcoming fall trends so you can look like your most fabulous self and transition effortlessly into autumn.

Here are 3 fall fashion trends that look amazing on women over 40:

Trend #1: Knit

Not only is fall pumpkin spice season, but it’s time for cooler weather. And that’s where knit comes in. This cozy fabric not only keeps you warm as temperatures dip, but it also ups the ante on your style.

Aim for knit dresses or skirts to add some femininity to your look, but be mindful of the shape. A-line fits are particularly flattering.

Trend #2: Animal Print

Believe it or not, animal prints, especially leopard, can be extremely flattering and work like neutrals. Add a bit of flair to your outfit with an animal print top or skirt. Whether you’re more of a leopard girl or a snakeskin woman, animal prints work well to spice up any outfit.

Now, if it feels too “out there” then try incorporating this print into your accessories: bangles, a belt, a pair of pointed-toe flats or a scarf.

Trend #3: Leisurely Loungewear, But Make it Luxurious

The fall season is all about taking it slow. What better way to do that than with loungewear? You can get all-silk or all-cotton loungewear that makes transitioning from WFH to errand-running seamless. Or, you can go even fancier and get cashmere sets to caress your body in buttery-soft fabrics.

Aim for loungewear sets in a single color – the monochrome look is flattering, feminine and instantly adds a bit of oomph to an everyday outfit like sweats.

No matter what’s trendy today, know this … it’s always best to wear what makes you feel like your best self.


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