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3 Ways Gen X Entrepreneurs Can Start 2023 Right

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Starting or scaling your own business is an exciting venture. With the new year only a couple of months away, now is the perfect time to pump the gas on your entrepreneurial motivations so you can start 2023 right.

Whether you’re already knee-deep in entrepreneurship or one of your goals is to start a new business, here are 3 ways you can start 2023 off on the right foot in your business:

1. Raise Your Prices and Streamline Your Services

If you’ve been in business for a hot minute, the holiday season is an excellent time to think about what’s working and what’s not.

Dial into the services you sell … the ones that your customers love and cut out the rest. If you’ve been delivering consistent results, this is the time to reset your prices.

2. Make Plans

Believe it or not, entrepreneurs – whether seasoned or beginners – often forget to plan. Spend an hour or two with yourself or your team and clarify what you want to accomplish in 2023.

Then, break it down into quarterly goals, then even further by month and by week. Don’t forget to consistently schedule time to review your progress throughout the upcoming year.

3. Get Your Legal & Accounting Straight

The last couple of months is a great time to revisit your business structure. If you’re a sole proprietor, does it make sense to start an LLC? Do you need to update your taxation structure? Is your bookkeeping for last year complete? Do you have all the proper insurance to protect your business? Meet with a lawyer or an accountant to ensure your legal and financial standings are set up for success.

And most importantly, take the time to get your mind right ahead of a fresh start. Ask yourself what you want your life as an entrepreneur to look like, and then reverse engineer it so you can live it every day.


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