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How to Have a Fabulous Valentine’s Day as a Single Over 40

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February is here, and love is in the air! Whether you’re boo’ed up with a partner or boo’ed up with yourself, there are so many ways to rejoice and celebrate this day of love – especially if you’re a single woman over 40.

It’s the perfect day to shower yourself with adoration, excitement, fun and whatever makes you happy.

And here at Gurl U R Not Alone, we’ll show you a few ways to do precisely that, so you can be your most fabulous over 40 self and your own valentine.

Come on now. Let’s get into how to do it with these ideas:

1. Take Yourself to Dinner

Self-love is the best love. Book a reservation at your favorite restaurant, get dressed up and revel in the sounds, tastes and sights of an evening out. Order something fancy and upscale because you deserve it!

Don’t forget to treat yourself to dessert. Afterward, take yourself to a movie or head on home and give your body the luxe treatment by running a hot bath with rose petals, bubbles and your favorite music.

2. Celebrate Yourself

There’s no need to feel lonely if you’re single – whether it’s by choice or not – because Valentine’s Day isn’t about your marital status. Truth is … it’s about showing your most special person just how much you care about them. And your most special person should always be YOU FIRST!

Celebrate yourself by making a list of all the things you love and adore about yourself. Don’t be shy – it’s too easy for women to play down our accomplishments, but the reality is … you’re fabulous!

3. Make it a Girls Night

Have fellow over 40 single friends? Make them your “Galentine” by having a girl’s night in or out. Whether it’s in-person or over Zoom, spending time with your loved ones is what Valentine’s Day for women over 40 is all about.

Make it interactive by hosting virtual games, watching a classic movie or throwing on a feel-good playlist.

Take turns telling each other why you’re fabulous. No matter how you feel on Valentine’s Day, there’s no one like your girls to remind you of who you are.


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