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We listed down 6 reasons quitting can make you a winner on our latest podcast.

Episode 21: 6 Reasons Why Quitting Can Be A Good Thing

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We’ve gathered a few beauty hacks from social media that are perfect for women over 40. Check them out!

Five Social Media Beauty Hacks for Women Over 40

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The temperature’s heating up and that means one thing … you’re going to need a summer wardrobe! Especially now that cities are opening back up, it’s time to step out into the world. But that begs the question, “What should you wear?” As a woman over 40, you want an outfit that’s not only comfortable, […]

6 Summer Fashion Must-Haves for Women Over 40

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Summer Fashion Must-Haves for Women Over 40

Not sure about your signature style or do you want to find your style after 40? Listen to this.

Episode 20: How To Find Your Signature Style Over 40

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Belief is the core principle for manifesting a successful business. But you may be wondering, exactly how do you manifest success? How does it work?

Four Secrets to Manifesting a Successful Business

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Have you noticed how so much of what’s trendy and fashionable right now is what was trendy and fashionable when we were growing up in the 90s?

4 Gen X Fashion Trends You Should Follow Right Now

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If you are experiencing this right now, know that you are not alone, and there are ways to cope with the empty nest syndrome.

How to Cope with Empty Nest Syndrome

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Let’s start to break the cycle and find genuine happiness within ourselves.

Letting Go of Validation to Find Your Authentic Self

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What better way to remind yourself that your 40s can be a time of joy, happiness, fulfillment, abundance and health than with the power of a book?

These Books Are Our Favorite Reads for Women Over 40


Here are our 10 picks to help you live fabulously ever after.

10 Healthy Habits for Women Over 40

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