Let’s admit it, nobody wants to be alone, and at some point in your life, you crave to share your life with someone. But after all these years focusing on building your career and wealth, how exactly do you do it? We have tips from the matchmaker herself, Julie Wadley which will help you understand more about love, and with that, yourself.

5 Essential Tips About Midlife Love Relationships


Gurl U R Not Alone is celebrating love all February long. We begin with the most important person you have to love first – you. How do you love yourself even when you may not feel so lovable? And how to you move yourself back up to the top of the love totem pole? Check out tips on regaining and keeping love of self.

Episode 15: Love starts with loving yourself first


Do you have a career transition in your future? Making a career transition looks different in midlife so we turned to career coaching expert , Mary Davids to get tips to finding your dream role during a pandemic. Mary’s tips are practical and focused on sparking joy in your work. Listen in for tips and the one thing that makes job hunting unique to women 40 and up.

Episode 14: Career Strategist, Mary Davids on tips to making a career transition in midlife

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A career transition during midlife can be tricky. Here are three things to think about making a career change:,

Three Tips to Making a Midlife Career Transition

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Many midlif-ers are ready to make major moves. The definition of success has changed for you and you are much more concerned with significance and what legacy you will leave. But changing careers at this stage in your life can also be tricky. Here are some tips to help you move to your dream job, launch your dream business or build a movement.

Episode 13: Making a Career Transition in Midlife – 5 Tips You Need To Know Now (Part 1)

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Midlife may be the turning point for most people – where they take advantage of opportunities to save and build. So how do you do navigate your money in your 40’s and 50’s? Well, life is easier when you have good financial skills, and we gather seven (7) things you need to know to help you financially plan for your future wealth.

What You Need to Know About Money in your 40s and 50s

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