We listed down 6 reasons quitting can make you a winner on our latest podcast.

Episode 21: 6 Reasons Why Quitting Can Be A Good Thing

Business, Lifestyle, Podcast

Not sure about your signature style or do you want to find your style after 40? Listen to this.

Episode 20: How To Find Your Signature Style Over 40

Fashion, Podcast

As adult children, when imagining our parents as seniors, we may not fully comprehend the extent to which their aging will affect them or how it will affect us. In this episode of the Gurl U R Not Alone podcast, we speak to Rachel Corbin, who has spent over 25 years in the elder care industry, including serving as CEO of Noble Senior Living.

Episode 19: Caring for Elderly Parents – Real Talk with Rachel Corbin

Health & Wellness, Podcast

In this episode we sent down with relationship expert and professional matchmaker, Julie Wadley. Julie specializes in working with Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful, Black women to help them find and keep love. We speak to Julie about investing in love – one of the most underrated goals – and helping Black women create a vision of love.

Episode 18: Are You Ready for True Love? Find out from professional matchmaker Julie Wadley


Remember when sex used to be easy? But we’ve talked about the physical and medical reasons that might be hindering your sex drive. Now we are diving into how to get your sexy back! This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for! Today we have sexual wellness expert and hypnotherapist, Natalie Hatjes is with us to discuss the mental blocks that you have to break through to get your sexy back and some creative ways to bring it in the bedroom!

Episode 17: Sex after 40 – Stella Got Her Groove Back and You Can Too


Gurl U R Not Alone is celebrating love all February long. We begin with the most important person you have to love first – you. How do you love yourself even when you may not feel so lovable? And how to you move yourself back up to the top of the love totem pole? Check out tips on regaining and keeping love of self.

Episode 16: Finding Love After 40


Money is not a bad word but so many women are kept out of the loop when it comes to money and estate planning. For women over 40 your money moves need to be different and we have tips just for you! In addition our special guest, Jennifer Gomez, Esq. joins us to talk about the estate planning needs of women over 40. Whether you are single or married this episode will help you get your financial house in order. You’ve accomplished so much. Listen up to find out how to protect it.

Episode 12: Protect Your Wealth -What You Need to Know About Money


Join us as we celebrate the New Year with a conversation about manifesting our goals in 2021 and the changes you need to make to bring your goals to life. The most important thing that you can do in 2021 is to set yourself up for success MENTALLY. No matter what your goals are, join us to get your mind in alignment in order to make them a reality.

Episode 11: Happy New Year! Boy Did We Miss You!


Are you feeling lonely and disconnected? Despite the fact that we are very connected via social media many people are feeling so alone. Here are some tips to stay close to those you love and continue to network during COVID-19. Check out more resources from Gurl U R Not Alone at gurlurnotalone.com.

Episode 10: Black women feel especially disconnected during COVID-19


Have you ever thought about launching your own business but were afraid that you didn’t have what it takes? Here we’ll discuss the 10 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and explore how your experience makes you uniquely qualified to lead.

Episode 9: So you want to be your own boss?