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Gurl Ur Not Alone Ep1.png

episode 1

This show was created specifically to discuss the issues that impact women over 40. We discuss lifestyle, health, beauty, wellness, style, and travel topics. We share the stories of black women, strive to be authentic and transparent, and interview experts in order to provide new ideas, uncover solutions and expand perspectives. Our show will provide tools to help you feel supported, seen and heard and on the road to living a fabulously ever after life but most importantly understand that…Gurl You Are Not Alone.

Gurl Ur Not Alone Ep2 V2.png

episode 2

Mental health is something that is often swept under the rug, especially in the African-American community. Black women are often reluctant to seek treatment and suffer in silence -often for decades.  But recently, more celebrities and public figures are talking about the mental health struggles and the importance of getting the help you need. In this episode host Abbie and Tonya talk about the importance of seeking mental health support and Abbie bravely shares her story after a life changing experience led to her breakdown/breakthrough.

Gurl Ur Not Alone Ep3.png

episode 3

In this episode of Gurl You Are Not Alone we tackle women the unique challenges facing black women and mental health. Co-host Abbiegail Samuel shares her own personal break down and how she found the strength and the help she needed. We hope her story will encourage women to get the mental health support that they need and erase some of the stigmas that stop them getting mentally fit.