Tonya and Abbie



Tonya Seavers

I’m Tonya. I’m a communications expert, personal branding strategist and business coach with a passion for watching small business owners explode with success! What I love most is encouraging women by providing solutions through my courses, training, image consulting services and coaching – and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. I know that small business owners need practical steps, not empowerment, to help you scale and grow your business. I take everything that I’ve learned from over 20 years in corporate America and turn them into applicable strategies to help your business thrive.
I’m also a wife and mother so I understand the competition for your time is real. But I believe you can have what you want, if you’re willing to work hard and make space in your life for it. I have a passion for fashion, love chatting over chai tea, and believe that my untapped super power is hosting epic dinner parties.


Abbiegail Samuel

I’m Abbie- six figure beauty boss, expert coach and dream igniter. You see, not too long ago, I was just like you – sitting with a lap full of ideas but no real knowledge on how to turn them into a profitable business. And while I’ve had a 20 year career doing what I love, I would’ve given anything to have had a personal dream team advising me through the twists and turns of the industry.

Instead, in the midst of a sea of trials and tribulations, I found my own way. And I’m proud to say I’ve built a profitable business around my experience as a licensed esthetician, fashion designer, salon owner and nail technician. And revealing my most profitable secrets is my way of helping

you do the same. I understand that YOU deserve the opportunity to pursue and achieve your goals, and I’m honored to guide you in the right direction.